Sunday, 6 December 2009

Vintage NHS Spectacles and not a truss in sight!!

Anyone over the age of thirty and a glasses wearer since childhood is likely to have been made familiar with the NHS 524 spectacle frame. What was once the horror of all children has metamorphosed into a British Fashion Icon.

Helped along initially by Morrissey the NHS 524 has taken its place alongside other 1970’s Icons such as flared trousers, kipper ties, platform shoes and a quick fag behind the bike shed!

Ok, perhaps that pushing it a little ( although the bike shed did have a formative effect on many a person of a certain age and so should probably be given honouree iconic status) but why should this humble spectacle frame succeed where many others have failed? It’s simple, it all about style!

Simple lines, classic design and quality materials will win through every time. The colour choices were limited but classic – Black, Tortoiseshell, Blue and Pink (yes I know that there was Autumn Leaf as well but there has to be an exception to every rule!), it was made in a multitude of sizes, unlike today’s one size fits all culture. Above all else it reminds us of our past, our childhood where summers lasted for ever and curly wurlys were twice as big as today.

Check out these stars who seem to agree and take a look at our latest vintage NHS frames at

From top left: Scarlett Johansson, Johnny Depp, Mark Ronson and the man himself Morrissey

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