Tuesday, 6 November 2012

007 still has the old magic

It's November already and we are hunkering down for winter here at Deadman’s Towers. The prolific courgette has finally been relegated to the compost along with the parsnip tops. Something had been eating our parsnips which caused consternation so we lifted the remaining plants and landed up with about 6 roots between two families. 

Deadman and I collected Deadman Junior from his grandparents on Saturday and he is now reluctantly back at school after half term. In his absence we went to see the much hyped Skyfall; we enjoyed it, and as usual, were looking out for glasses. At one stage 007 sported a pair of Tom Ford aviator sunglasses but Q had to be my favourite glasses wearer; I do like a good geek.

James Bond - as cool as ever. 

Q in a pair of combination frames very similar to a Shuron Ronsir

Dead Men's Spex has recently supplied 3 pairs of  Shuron Ronsirs to Sister Act the musical currently running in Germany. We have also previously supplied them for the British run and can only hope that it continues to travel around the world, it is an uplifting story and great for business :oD.

TTFN Claire 

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