Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Looking out for Santa!

Hi there,

With Christmas fast approaching we are preparing for Santa’s arrival here and I was wondering if he would like some new spectacles from Dead Men's Spex. He certainly needs his reading spectacles; he’s well past the magic age of forty (according to the Deadman that is the age where people start to need readers, some hold out longer than others!) and in the dim light he has to make sure he puts the correct presents in the correct stockings. I still remember one Christmas when he mixed up my dog shaped pencil sharpener with my brother’s; Oh the shock! He'd either forgotten his glasses or overdosed on sherry.

Santa in his readers

Santa likes gold rimmed glasses, either round eyes or the Algha gold half eye; both go well with a bushy white beard. They'll be perfect for Deadman in a couple of years!

However, when Santa's dashing through the snow (perhaps if he’s running a bit late) he prefers a pair of sunglasses.

I'm off to see if the elves need any help wrapping parcels.

Glad tidings to you all Ho Ho ho.


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