Friday, 11 January 2013

Keep calm and wear glasses

Hello There
This week has a film/ t.v theme to it; Deadman junior's teacher is reading Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone to the class so the Deadman has given them a few pairs of children's NHS frames to get them in the spirit. It's good job he's not into making potions or we could all land up talking nonsense.... (due to a dose of Babbling Beverage sneaked into our morning tea)!
Harry Potter still casting his magic.

This week in Channel 4's On the Verge of a Midlife Crisis the lady on the desk at Rockalily Cuts was wearing a great pair of glasses.
Photo Montage from Rockalily Cuts

As we launch into 2013 just  remember if all else fails...
Mrs Deadman

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  1. Hi, I mistakenly identified the glasses in the post as a pair of ours to Mrs Deadman (having posted out to Rockalily's in the past). They were not, so my apologies to those concerned. I can only blame senility and to much seasonal cheer :oD

    This aside they were great glasses and the salon looked super on the TV.