Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Chocks Away

Hi, sorry it’s been a while since I last updated the blog. What was supposed to be a fortnightly event is slipping towards a monthly. I’m hoping that with the return of Dead Man Junior to school and Mrs Dead Man to work, after the Easter break, to turn over a new leaf and be more disciplined............famous last words.

The past month has been a busy one. Another show under the belt with Zoe of this time at the lovely North Norfolk coastal village of Blakeney.

We have also supplied a pair of vintage sunglasses as a prize in WWII re-enactor magazine’s Pin-up competition. You can read all about this is this month’s issue available at news agents or through .

On top of this I have taken delivery of 200 1950’s frames from the USA. They are all original unused opticians’ stock and are currently going through the workshop to make sure they are up to my exacting standards before they upload into the shop . A few have already hit the shop on the Ebay site . With a further 200 coming in at the end of the month and Hemsby Rock ‘n’ Roll show on the way it looks like my work is cut out for the near future.

Why might you ask do new old stock frames have to go through the workshop? Well, frames are like all goods, if they sit around in boxes and drawers for 40 years or more they become dirty and misshapen. Also some plastics fare better with age than others, staying well coloured and flexible while others fade and become brittle. It is my policy that all frames I sell should be able to accept lenses being put into them. What’s the fun of owning a MG and being unable to drive it? Likewise what’s the point in having a swinging 1950’s cats eye and being unable to wear it? !!

Some of our new stock

Finally, with planes across Britain and Europe grounded due to the volcanic dust drifting down from Iceland, I think I’ve found the perfect flying goggles...

Chocks away

Dead Man