Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Upcycling in style at Dead Men's Spex

Hi there
Uh oh,  sorry! I confess; I have been very lax on the writing front. Over the winter Dead Man has expanded his skill set into crafting and has knocked out several scarves and a fab hat complete with megga bobble. He is now in the process of making me a shawl which at the moment bears an uncanny resemblance to a pair of frilly knickers!
Cosy hat
Here at Dead Men's Spex we do like a bit of recycling and upcycling and Dead Man  has re used materials in some of his projects. Dead Man Junior's had a new mat woven out of a load of old jeans and some of the scarves were from recycled t shirts and skirts. It doesn't do to sit still for too long in or house or you might be made into something!

We sell Spexlaces which are made from old frame fronts and were thinking of what else we could do with glasses.

We looked online and found a great site called ReFab Diaries that had loads of great suggestions. How about brooches from lenses or frames from frames?

Photo Frames 

Brooches from lenses 

Sunnies Lamp

So watch this space you never know what we'll be making next!

See you later.
Mrs Dead Man