Friday, 12 December 2014

Ho Ho Ho Christmas at Dead Men's Spex.

Hi there

Well, the open weekend at Holt Hall was a success. It was the first time they had hosted a Little Vintage Lover Fair and we certainly thought it went well. There was a huge Christmas tree in the hallway and a wonderful log fire burning all day.

What a fantastic tree!

We were in the dining room in front of a rather grand (but unused) fireplace where Deadman could lean in a proprietorial manner. The event was well attended and Holt Hall sold yummy mince pies and ran crafts which were a great success with Deadman Junior. He made a lovely selection of Christmas decorations including a naturalistic wreath and a fir cone tree decoration. He certainly preferred it to sitting with his parents all day...!

Dead Men's Spex at Holt Hall

We enjoyed our day and it was a good way to get into the Christmas spirit.We are continuing to enjoy the festivities; Deadman was playing Google's shave the Santa game this morning.

Merry Christmas from Dead Men's Spex. We hope you have fun;  remember to keep your specs on so you can spot Santa.

Mrs Deadman