Monday, 20 October 2014

New stock and a coffee break at Dead Men's Spex

Hi There

We've had  a busy month; the Holt and Sheringham 1940s weekend went off well. It was a little cooler than usual, but that didn't deter anyone. Bunny arrived as promised bearing gifts of coffee, Norfolk short bread and other goodies to keep us fortified! Good to see you my old buffer.

Deadman has been on a spending spree and has got a great selection of vintage frames to show for it; check out the cats' eyes.

Beautiful red supra cat's eye

1960's ladies' Shuron frame

Black and mauve Lucite supra cat's eye

We've also just received a delivery from American company Best Image which includes some interesting new styles with quality pinned joints. These frames come in larger sizes which is always good news for re-enactors as period frames tend to be very small.

Demi Blond Colony 
Mario Galbatti MG 118
Tortoisehell School 

Pueblo Tiger Black 

Rather smart aren't they?

On Saturday we tried out the new cafe at our local post office; Guist General Store, where we are regulars, it was lovely. Deadman junior enjoyed his leek and potato soup and we recommend the coffee.Good luck with your new venture Duncan.


Mrs Deadman