Monday, 31 December 2012

Welcoming in 2013 with Mortimer

Happy New Year from Dead Men's Spex!

I hope you have all survived the Mayan prophecy, floods and sickness bugs and managed to enjoy your Christmas period with some feasting, festive cheer and lots of pressies.

Santa remembered us, but alas, he did manage to mix up one of Deadman's presents with one of Deadman junior's presents; surely it couldn't be that he had forgotten his glasses?? Not in this house!! It must've been the cumulative effect of all those glasses of  sherry. Despite this little mishap he managed to deliver a bumper crop of presents, most of them for Deadman junior, but I did get a lip plumping gel which looks fun, we are known in our family for thin lips, maybe miracles can occur; I just hope I don't land up like Eddie Murphy in The Nutty Professor!

Look at that pout.

We are also proud to welcome a new member of the gang; he is Mortimer our mascot and from now on he will be popping up every now and then.


Have a good time celebrating and thank you for your support of  Dead Men's Spex throughout 2012.

Happy New Year 
Claire xxx

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Merry Christmas from Dead Men's Spex

Hi There
The festive season is upon us and even our mascot Mortimer is feeling jolly.
We have started getting into the Christmas spirit at Dead Men's Spex, festooning the place with tinsel and baubles. On Saturday we took Deadman Junior to Sheringham Little Theatre to see Jack and the Beanstalk. It was great fun; Jack's mother, Dame Molly Coddle was fantastic, her outfits were to die for!
 Jack, Moo Tube the cow, Jill and Molly Coddle in Sheringham.

This week Deadman is busy in his workshop, I think he may have to go and help Santa if he gets snowed under. I will be slaving over a hot stove, we do like food in our household, and are particularly fond of pies. I hope you have a fun time, but if it all gets too much you can always resort to some rose tinted specs.
Tinted Pince- Nez

Just remember go steady on the Christmas booze so you don't fall over a balcony and lose your glasses!
(Yes Ewan, I mean you.)

Merry Christmas to you all.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Looking out for Santa!

Hi there,

With Christmas fast approaching we are preparing for Santa’s arrival here and I was wondering if he would like some new spectacles from Dead Men's Spex. He certainly needs his reading spectacles; he’s well past the magic age of forty (according to the Deadman that is the age where people start to need readers, some hold out longer than others!) and in the dim light he has to make sure he puts the correct presents in the correct stockings. I still remember one Christmas when he mixed up my dog shaped pencil sharpener with my brother’s; Oh the shock! He'd either forgotten his glasses or overdosed on sherry.

Santa in his readers

Santa likes gold rimmed glasses, either round eyes or the Algha gold half eye; both go well with a bushy white beard. They'll be perfect for Deadman in a couple of years!

However, when Santa's dashing through the snow (perhaps if he’s running a bit late) he prefers a pair of sunglasses.

I'm off to see if the elves need any help wrapping parcels.

Glad tidings to you all Ho Ho ho.


Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Short sighted ghosts..

Hi There

It's cold enough to freeze a dead man's spex today, Deadman junior and I had a slippery journey to school , it was more tottering dangerously than Torvill and Dean. ( Yes, I have teenage memories of glamorous ice dancers in blue sequins writhing gracefully to Ravel's Bolero ) 

Torvill and Dean; if only I had such grace!!!

Fortunately, the weather has not deterred the deadman; he has been labouring away in his workshop well prepared with a heater, some cosy boots and new double glazing, I also keep him supplied with tea and biscuits. He has just come in with a box full of prepared fames to photograph to put on the website tomorrow.

I enjoyed my day out taking the Dead Men's Spex stall to Little Vintage Lover Fair on Sunday,  the weather was incredibly bright and I sold some stock including two pairs of sunglasses!

Deadman junior loves the 1st of December as it means he gets an advent calendar from his grandparents. Last year he had a chocolate one but he wasn't overly keen, he prefers savouries, if he could have one with crisps in he'd be happy! Deadman's hoping for one containing pork scratchings. This year, much to junior's delight he has a joke advent calendar.

Today's joke is:

 "What does a short sighted ghost wear?" "Spooktackles."

That's all from chilly and muddy Norfolk!

TTFN Claire