Friday, 28 March 2014

Dead Men's Spex gets all dramatic!

Hi there
One of the good things about selling vintage items is that we sometimes supply T.V programmes and theatres with period eyewear. Presently on TV, Julian Rhind Tutt can be seen cutting a dash in his monocle and ribbon. He plays Gally Threepwood; Clarence's rascal of a brother in BBC1's production of Blandings set in 1929 and based upon P.G Wodehouse's novel of the same name.
Gally lounging elegantly in his monocle

We then move to 1960's Oxford in Series 2 of Endeavour the ITV prequal of Morse on Sunday 30th March. Look out for the character who breaks his glasses..
Shaun Evans as Endeavour Morse

Dead Men's Spex is also currently treading the boards at London's Garrick Theatre in their production of the 1950's court room drama 'Twelve Angry Men'  by Reginald Rose. 
Martin Shaw with other cast members in Twelve Angry Men

It is always fun looking out for our glasses; it's like playing our own version of Where's Wally ! 
Where's Dead Man?

Mrs Dead Man