Monday, 25 February 2013

Bunny hops round Norfolk

Hi There

How time flies; half term has passed with various trips and activities to occupy us and keep me from the blog!  On Valentine's day I surprised Deadman, not with the bat wing glasses, but with fish and chips for two at a local pub. He was happy, especially when he overheard other diners discussing his favourite programme; Bargain Hunt.

Last Sunday we joined Bunny in one of his two favourite Norfolk activities; visiting the beach. He left his favourite haunt of Cromer and ventured onto Wells beach. It was a beautifully mild day and the sea was faintly visible in the distance. Deadman junior walked with a small amount of fuss (an achievement).  
Al Bowlly
Bunny's other Norfolk pastime is pursuing vintage bargains either by ferreting in charity and antique shops or hanging round the sale rooms in Aylsham. He has a fine collection of vintage records and a Dansette turntable to play them on, one of his favourite musicians is Al Bowlly.

We have just watched the last in the series of BBC's "Ripper Street"; a drama following the police of Whitechapel in 1889. They really seem to capture the feeling and certainly get the glasses correct. Have you noticed it's the baddies who wear them? Is it like the American films where the badddies are always English? The dodgy psychiatrist Dr Karl Crabb had a good pair of gold round eyes. I didn't trust him from the start, he was far too involved with one patient.

My favourite character has to be Jackson the American surgeon with a spurious past (all the characters seem to have those). He is good at his job and a bit naughty too, just like Deadman.

Bunny and I do like a good bit of period angst and swap DVDs excitedly, we are fairly flexible on time periods; Victorian to mid twentieth century. Atonement was a big favourite of Bunny's but we suspect that Keira Knightly may have been the main draw. The Deadman however rolls his eyes at all this emotional turmoil; that is for girls, he prefers intrigue. 

TTFN Mrs Deadman

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Call the Midwife and spot the cool glasses

Hi there
This week, in honour of Shrove Tuesday we have been partaking in a bit of seasonal pancake tossing. Here at Dead Men's Spex we do not like to miss an opportunity to enjoy our food so Deadman Junior and I whipped up a batter with eggs from our chickens. Yes, they realise that spring is on the way even if the weather isn't very promising. Dead man took to the frying pan; he is a man of many talents.

We are looking  forward to the weekend so we can indulge ourselves with some Sunday night TV drama, namely "Call the Midwife" set in Poplar in the East End of  London in the1950s. The story lines and music are good and there's a fair smattering of great glasses. There is even a story line where Sister Bernadette opts for a new pair of 1950's upswept Supra frames to replace her broken old round eye pair. In 1958 the new pair would have been her own glasses and not NHS frames which were very utilitarian. This seems a little frivoluous for a nun, but then she is out to impress the doctor.
Sister Bernadette updates her look.
Miranda Hart who plays the likeable but clumsy Chummy has a pair of round eyes, these could have been from the NHS but she is more likely to have bought them herself as she is from quite a well to do family. 
Sister Evangelina follows fashion 1950's style
Sister Evangelina (Pam Ferris) was definitely following fashion when she was seen on her rounds in sunglasses. These were a luxury as most people did not have sunglasses prior to the 1950s

Friday, 8 February 2013

Valentine's Day for glasses lovers

Hi There
Despite more cold weather love is in the air and Valentine's day is on Thursday 14th February - of course. Being an incurable romantic I do like Valentine's day, in my youth I was a florist and it was my favourite busy time; full of excitement and promise. You never know, Deadman could surprise me!!?
American Optical heart shaped frames
The Deadman has recently sold a great frame just in time for Valentine's and being vintage they were a one off, but Deadman Junior and I have created our own version, made from faux racoons' tails. They are fully glazeable (with clingfilm) 
Mrs Deadman's heart shaped frames 
I also had a rifle through the Deadman's drawers (he is still recovering) and I found a very sexy frame ideal for those steamy nights in. They are from his collection and not for sale, sorry girls! This is not the first time these frames have been seen in public, Fleur de Guerre writer of Diary of a Vintage Girl has modelled them for us.
1950's black cocktail glasses 
 I hope you find your heart's desire, a look at our website could help, or in my case chocolate takes a lot of beating, (If you're listening Deadman.)

TTFN Mrs Deadman

Friday, 1 February 2013

An American classic; the Shuron Ronsir.

Hello there,
I don't know about you but we're happy to see some green again! Miss Frosty has vanished and the chickens have water rather than a slab of ice in their trough.
Yesterday, we had a consignment of Ronsir, Sidewinder and Freeway frames from the American company Shuron. The Ronsir is an enduring and much loved frame which has been made continuously since 1947 and often crops up in films set in the 1950s and 1960s. Think Kevin Costner in the 1991 political thriller JFK and Matt Damon in the 2006 spy film The Good Shepherd.
Kevin Coster as attorney Jim Garrison in JFK

 Matt Damon as Edward Wilson in The Good Shepherd
The Ronsir is the best selling Shuron frame at  Dead Men's Spex  and we stock it in both tortoisehell and black in a range of sizes, something of a luxury, as when purchasing vintage there is often little choice regarding size or colour. One usually has to adopt the attitude taken by another famous American - Henry Ford "You can have any color as long as it is black."

Mrs Deadman