Monday, 22 April 2013

Spectacles, art and everything - the tooth the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth!

I’m often asked that if money was no object what frames would I love to own in my collection.

Well to be honest, most collectible frames tend to be collectible due to the provenance of the person who owned them and not necessarily the quality of the frame.

Who wouldn't want to own a pair of frames once worn by Gandhi (£34,000) , John Lennon (£1 million+) or Churchill (£11,200) ? The intrinsic value of the frame is low, but once touched by the magic of the owner the desirability and material worth is multiplied many thousands of times.

In the other corner sits the frame whose value lies in what it is and not who owned it. This is the area that interests me, as it is also the area which pushes the boundaries of design and material often making what is, at its simplest a utilitarian item, into a work of art.

Take for instance the work of Emma Montague in last year’s Royal College of Art show. Here we have a young designer taking and blending materials that have been historically used to make spectacle frames – acetate, bone and horn – and using them to great effect in expressing abstract ideas within a practical and beautiful form.

So if you ask me what I like within my collection, a jaw bone frame would currently be pretty high on the list.


Wednesday, 3 April 2013

April Fool's Day at Dead Men's Spex

Hello there

I hope you all had a good Easter. We visited my parents and the Easter Bunny delivered copious amounts of chocolate so DeadMan Junior and I are happy. Deadman and I had Lindt truffles in a huge ball the size of Deadman junior's  head. (He wore the wrapper as a hat just to prove it.)

1950s Lindt Poster

Monday, April Fool's Day was Deadman's time to shine; he successfully tricked four people before midday and yes, one of them was me. I believed that it was all snowy and white over outside, well it could've been true!
Uh, oh, I've been tricked!

We liked The Guardian's on line April Fool prank with their Guardian Goggles , these give the wearer a constant stream of Guardian opinions about all aspects of modern life. That's a bit scary!

       "because life's too short to think for yourself -" 

Hope you had fun!

TTFN Mrs Deadman