Monday, 18 September 2017

Dead Men's Spex at the Poppy Line 1940s event 2017

Hi there
Well, we are back from the ever popular 1940s event at the Poppy Line at North Norfolk Railway which runs between Sheringham and Holt. Dead Man's attempts to appease the weather gods were partially successful; in Holt, Saturday was showery to put it mildly; it hammered down just after lunch, but fortunately Sunday was a much drier day.

Apparently, Sheringham managed to escape the downpours! Overall I think we were were quite lucky with the weather; it could've been much worse. However, it was the muddiest Holt we have encountered; Deadman got the van stuck in the gateway on the Saturday morning. Luckily a customer of ours, Mark, kindly rescued him by towing him out with his 4x4, so the Deadmen's Spex show could go on. (Deadman Junior and I missed the drama, we rolled up later when everything was in place! )

Despite this we had a good weekend and were busy, we have decided we must have the most photographed stall at the show. I was totting up the years and realised that Deadmen's Spex first had a stall at Holt in 2008 so this is our tenth year! Wow, doesn't time fly? Thank you to everyone who came to see us and bought from us. We look forward to many more shows in the future and will keep you posted as to the next time we will be out and about.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Another year and it's still 1942

It's hard to believe that another year has come around and we are now preparing for Holt and Sherringham's 1940 weekend. We are again sacrificing cute animals to the "God's of fine weather" but this year looks like it could be a damp one. But not to worry as we will be under cover on the market field at Holt station and have a lovely stock of original period frames for you to peruse whilst sheltering from the showers.

Come and see us and don't forget to bring your prescription if you want lenses fitted.

I'm just off to the workshop to make sure you all get the bests frames possible, but before I go I think I'll just go find us one more kitten 😉