Wednesday, 13 April 2011

A long time passing - or honey I forgot to blog

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not very good at this blogging thing. The time span between the last one and now is too long, but in my defence, Professor Brian Cox would probably ask “what is time?” and I’m not going there (not without a stout pair of walking shoes and a lomo lens).

What happens is life. So many things draw on my time, from sourcing new stock, preparing it for sale and processing orders to the sun luring me away to the allotment and Deadman Junior demanding another game of Sonic. All this without mentioning the secret allure of “Bargain Hunt” – purely for research of course, I need to see what spectacles
Tim Wonnacott is wearing to stay on trend, I swear.

Life is just one big carnival.

With spring well and truly here in North Norfolk, with temperatures in double digits, the lure of the outside is getting hard to resist. I’m lucky in that I work from two workshops at the house so on fine days the doors are thrown open so it’s almost like working outside. We have our summer shows agreed and although we are not doing many this year the ones we are doing are quality ones with a good track record. Take a look at the
website for a full list.

For any of you who know North Norfolk, Deadman Towers is not far from the town of Holt, home of many vintage outlets and things of interest. The Deadman has persuaded Bunny Hooper to write a small piece on Holt for uploading in the near future. This should cover everything from his favourite vintage barber to his outfitter of choice and all things in between.

I’m presently filling the spare time I have with a bee-keeping course with the aim of hives for our allotment. Unlike the chickens (which are still a wish-bone of contention) Mrs Deadman likes the idea of bees – something to do with family traditions and the honey coated memories of helping her Grand-dad spin the honey combs in the centrifuge. I am now the proud owner of a bee-keeping suit that wouldn’t look out of place boarding the space shuttle.

Future candidate for the Deadman’s hives.

Maybe it will also legitimise a bit of vintage collecting as I’m going to needs some pots to keep all that lovely honey in. Now there's a thought..............