Sunday, 5 August 2018

Hot Heydon!

We are back from Little Vintage Lover Fair at Heydon in rural Norfolk today and are gently cooling down. It was a fantastic day weather wise, as it normally is for this event and it was a very busy day.

Tea vintage style at Heydon.
We were in our usual spot inside the village hall and as the temperature gradually rose, people thinned out and made their way outside into the shade. Dead Man Junior and I sneaked off to the village cafe to get an ice-cream. (We did buy one for Dead Man ) and there was no one on the green (or brown as it is at the moment!). It was just too hot, there were a few people nestled in the shade of the trees near the church.

Dead Men's Spex stall at Heydon

We had a good day; we saw quite a few familiar faces and introduced some new customers to Dead Mens Spex .  Thank you for everyone who came to see us.

TTFN Mrs Dead Man

Sunday, 29 July 2018

Dead men's Spex- out and about in pretty Norfolk village of Heydon

It is nearly August, (wow where did that go?) so time for Little Vintage Lover Fair's annual event at Heydon tucked away in rural Norfolk. It is on Sunday 5th August 10am -4pm at Heydon Parish Room. It is Little Vintage Lover Fair's tenth birthday this year so it looks to be a good event- as always. I wonder if Zoe will be able to get another beautiful sunny day, she usually manages it!
Heydon on Little Vintage Lover Fair day 
Now the weather has cooled to a normal temperature - it was 34 degrees C (93 degrees F in old money) on Friday- that is not right for England is it !? Dead Man has been able to return to his workshop and has started prepping some stock for the show. We will be bringing a selection of great vintage glasses including 1980s frames,  NHS 524s, 1940s frames, Shuron frames and ladies' cats' eyes. We will also have some fab ladies' sunglasses which came in recently, they are in bright colours; yellow, white, pink and orange and have integral earrings instead of sides; real head turners.

Fabulous sunglasses

Hope to see you at Heydon on Sunday.

TTFN Mrs Dead Man

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Dead Men's Spex at Mannington Hall


Well Spring has finally sprung here in Norfolk and next weekend - Sunday 13th May we are off to Mannington Gardens with Vintage Lover Fair.
Mannington Hall Norfolk 

Mannington Hall is a medieval hall set in beautiful gardens in deepest Norfolk and we love going there. This is our first show this year and we are looking forward to it. It is also well timed as DeadMan has just returned from a buying trip in his homelands, bringing a load of new old stock from the 1980s and 1990s.

Zoe, Judith and Carnaby bring  a splash of colour to our stall.
I love the names; Zoe and Judith for the ladies and Gideon and Guy for the men. They certainly add a bit of colour to our stall.  We also have a good selection of  frames from the 1940s through to the 1970s. We hope to see you there.

TTFN Mrs Deadman

Monday, 26 February 2018

Call The Midwife's Sister Monica Joan's sight is restored.

Do any of you watch Call The Midwife? We do and last night's episode (Sunday 25th Feb; episode 6, series 7) was the one we had been waiting for. Sister Monica Joan's eyesight had been getting worse and it turned out she had cataracts. She made a bit of a fuss but Fred finally got her to have the operation which was more complex in 1963 than it is now.  After the operation she was given a new pair of glasses to wear and she was delighted with them as she could see again. We know what other viewers don't; they are an early NHS frame from Dead Men's Spex! It is always exciting to see our glasses in TV programmes and films.

Sister Monica Joan in her new NHS glasses

TTFN Mrs Deadman 

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Merry Christmas from Dead Men's Spex

Hi There
Well, Santa is not far away, I'm sure I heard some sleigh bells jingling. My eye sight is going but my ears are not too bad! I hope you are all ready for Christmas, we are just about ready here at Dead Men's Spex; it's our last posting day today.

I have had an early Christmas present; a pair of blue NHS 524 varifocals!  Uh oh, yes I have reached that stage in life. I am still getting used to the idea of wearing glasses all the time, still I am in good company in that respect. It is very nice to be able to see clearly in the middle distance  and this reclaimed ability led to a bit of a cleaning frenzy ready for Santa. ( My mum always used that one when we were kids).
Blue NHS 524 

We are looking forward to a fun Christmas with lots of mince pies and festive glasses- containing festive cheer.
Merry Christmas!

 Thank you all for your support and custom throughout 2017 and we wish you all a merry Christmas and hope Santa brings you something nice. 

The Dead Man family

Monday, 20 November 2017

The classic 524 on display

Hi there
Have you seen some of the great new frames that Dead Man has been putting up on the Dead Men's Spex website? We have had a load of new stock in recently including stock from an optician's in deepest Wales. They were closing and wanted to sell their vintage frames. So after a very long journey across country, Dead Man returned with boxes of vintage goodies including a good selection of the well loved NHS frames; classics such as the 524 (think 1960s and 70s school) and the 722 half eye reader (think Santa)  

NHS 722 classic half eye readers 

NHS 524 frame displays £28 each

Amongst the boxes were some very small NHS 524 frames. Dead Man has been creative and mounted the fronts into boxes frame displays. They look great on the wall and are ideal as Christmas presents for the glasses lover in your life! 

Wishing you a happy run up to Christmas. I certainly need my readers now when I am shopping; getting to that stage in life..! 

TTFN Mrs Dead Man 

Monday, 18 September 2017

Dead Men's Spex at the Poppy Line 1940s event 2017

Hi there
Well, we are back from the ever popular 1940s event at the Poppy Line at North Norfolk Railway which runs between Sheringham and Holt. Dead Man's attempts to appease the weather gods were partially successful; in Holt, Saturday was showery to put it mildly; it hammered down just after lunch, but fortunately Sunday was a much drier day.

Apparently, Sheringham managed to escape the downpours! Overall I think we were were quite lucky with the weather; it could've been much worse. However, it was the muddiest Holt we have encountered; Deadman got the van stuck in the gateway on the Saturday morning. Luckily a customer of ours, Mark, kindly rescued him by towing him out with his 4x4, so the Deadmen's Spex show could go on. (Deadman Junior and I missed the drama, we rolled up later when everything was in place! )

Despite this we had a good weekend and were busy, we have decided we must have the most photographed stall at the show. I was totting up the years and realised that Deadmen's Spex first had a stall at Holt in 2008 so this is our tenth year! Wow, doesn't time fly? Thank you to everyone who came to see us and bought from us. We look forward to many more shows in the future and will keep you posted as to the next time we will be out and about.