Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Devil May Care in Whitby (or how one Bunny learned to wish upon a star)

Hi, we’ve just arrived back from our Summer Holiday and as is befitting of the Deadman clan we have been weathering (sunning being an inappropriate word for what you do on a British holiday) in the home of Dracula himself; Whitby.

Never have I been to such a place for indulging a passion for fish and chips at every meal (including breakfast) as the North Yorkshire coast. Unbelievably we passed a shop starting its first fry of the day at 9.00am!

Highlight of the week was a ride on the North Yorkshire Railway to Pickering home of the “The Pickering 1940s Wartime Weekend” for all you 1940’s enthusiasts . This is a great place along with the upcoming “Sherringham/Holt 1940’s weekend” (September 19th/20th) to air your tortoiseshell spectacles.

Mike Denmark – Timescape
At Holt 1940’s show 2009
Before we went away I’d been speaking to Bunny Hooper “The 1940’s Accountant” and he had been bemoaning the demise of the comics’ Summertime Specials. Along with a new pair of NHS “524” glasses this used to be the highlight of the summer holidays when we were kids. Usually sold with a useless plastic toy or a packet of Spangles attached to the front cover it was guaranteed to while away a long holiday car journey. So this got me thinking; and as a special present for Bunny, Dead Men’s Spex has gone to no expenses at all and produced The Dead Men’s Spex Summer Special 2010 (well the cover)..........enjoy!

This week sees me back in the workshop finishing off the preparation of the final frame stock for the bank holiday Glenn Miller Festival that we are attending at Twinwoods . As usual we will have an arena stall selling lots of our lovely period frames. There will be a vast selection of gold filled round eyes to go with your de-mob suits and for the ladies a cornucopia of 1940/50s frames to complete that special outfit.

Glenn Miller

Finally don’t tell Mrs Dead Man that I’ve got a Gal in Kalamazoo , so I’m going to jump on the Chattanooga Choo Choo all Devil may care and work that old black magic. If she does find out I’m going to hit the little brown jug and I guess I’ll have to dream the rest as I’m stepping out with a memory tonight.

I hope to see some of you at Twinwoods and remember if it’s foggy please don’t fly.