Thursday, 14 October 2010

Have a break have a Kitt Cat

Autumn has well and truly arrived, but summer didn’t give up without one final (if belated) burst. Hemsby weekend was glorious, warm and sunny and yes I was stuck inside standing a stall throughout. Not that I minded too much, what with Shona and Twan from Heydays to keep me company and a visit from Bunny on Sunday things could have been far worse.
Shona from Heydays

Melanie eyeing up another potential purchase.
Dead Men’s Spex was able to show off some of the new stock that has come in recently before it is uploaded on to the website. I also got to catch up with old friends and exchange gossip about the show scene and what’s new and what had fallen by the wayside.

It was good to see some new traders at Hemsby this year. The Traders are as much of a draw to these weekend shows as the music and dancing in my opinion. Without a vibrant and varied group of dealers the days would be filled with nothing but sleeping and booze (when there should be sleeping, booze and buying :oD )and Frankie would go home with too much money and not be incentivised to work hard to make more money for Melanie to spend at the next weekender! What we would then risk is the collapse of the Western economy and for the sake of one less pair of spex! I rest my spectacle case that is!!

Frankie supporting the whole Western economy!

Now with Halloween being the next date on the calendar there has never been a better time to dust off your cat’s eyes and slip into your catwoman costume to do a little trick or treating.

In my opinion you can keep your Michelle Pfeiffer and your Halle Berry as there is only one catwoman worth her salt and that is Eartha Kitt . Sexy, sassy and living up to her name just a little bit earthy, if the Deadman could choose a model for his cat’s eyes this would have been the lady and don’t get me started on the voice.......

Eartha Kitt