Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Spring sees Mrs Deadman spitting feathers - Cabin fever after a winter cooped up!

Spring is nearly here and thoughts at Deadman Towers turns to Springy things like bunnies, daffodils and CHICKENS!!!

The humble chicken has become a bone of contention in the Deadman household with the Deadman flying the flag for the purchase of a small flock and Mrs Deadman fighting for the axis forces against them. Rats, manure, disease and the lack of holidays due to having to find chook-sitters have all been used in the argument against. Whilst what I think to be the superior argument for them, being fresh eggs and if I don’t get them I’ll sulk, has fallen on deaf ears

So in my effort to bolster my argument I found myself researching heritage breeds (the conservation slant being a trump card or so I thought) where I came upon the following:

Now we’ve all heard of cats eyes, some of us have heard of hush puppies BUT Chicken glasses!!!

I had thought it was a joke at first but on further inspection I even found that there is a period news report about them by Paramount News (how I’d wished it was Pathe News with their chicken logo, but that would have been too perfect).

So now I have my trump cards, not only are chickens business specific but they may also be tax deductable if only I can find a market. Anyone for chicken eyes?