Sunday, 5 August 2018

Hot Heydon!

We are back from Little Vintage Lover Fair at Heydon in rural Norfolk today and are gently cooling down. It was a fantastic day weather wise, as it normally is for this event and it was a very busy day.

Tea vintage style at Heydon.
We were in our usual spot inside the village hall and as the temperature gradually rose, people thinned out and made their way outside into the shade. Dead Man Junior and I sneaked off to the village cafe to get an ice-cream. (We did buy one for Dead Man ) and there was no one on the green (or brown as it is at the moment!). It was just too hot, there were a few people nestled in the shade of the trees near the church.

Dead Men's Spex stall at Heydon

We had a good day; we saw quite a few familiar faces and introduced some new customers to Dead Mens Spex .  Thank you for everyone who came to see us.

TTFN Mrs Dead Man

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