Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Looking forward, looking back. The delights of vintage spectacles.

Thank you for looking in on what I hope will be a weekly look at the world of vintage spectacles from the home of vintage eyewear

There are many of you out there who are dressing in the most wonderful period outfits, but, how many of you think about the first thing people see when they look in your face? No I don't mean fear, loathing or the remains of a surreptitiously eaten biscuit around you mouth, I mean your spectacles!

Nothing is going to ruin the illusion of you being the most delicious, lost 1940's model than a modern pair of spex. How many WWII soldiers marched into war wearing Timmy Mallets' cast offs, and would Buddy Holly have been seen dead in a pair of 1980's aviators?

Here we have our friend Miss Fleur de Guerre, part-time pinup girl and full-time Forties enthusiast showing what a difference the correct period eyewear can make.


D. Man


  1. Thought you might like to see this bit of news and I am sure it will make you chuckle.

    If anybody is reading this: Personally, I would reccommend Darren at DeadMensSpex as your first (and last) port of call. He did a splendid monocle for me earlier this year (and to my very fussy and difficult specifications); and his attention to detail and customer satisfaction is first-rate. (...and the monocle worked out cheaper than the SpecSavers attempt).

  2. Thank you for your kind comments Ray. I have a piece on monocles coming up in the near future. D.Man