Tuesday, 26 January 2010

I can see clearly now............

I thought I’d take a look at the stranger side of spectacles this week. I’m not talking about the gentleman who used to come in to an opticians I was managing years back and have a gent’s frame for work and a lady’s for the weekend!

It takes allsorts and if this is the case the following guy must be the Bertie Bassett in the packet!


There is some talk that it might be a viral advert, perhaps Matt could give us an opinion on whether the tattooing looks right. I hope on one hand it’s for real as the effect of having to wear real glasses over the top when he needs them with age is going to look great. On the other hand, if it catches on it could be bad for business!

On a more artistic note (I know I’m asking for trouble implying that the tattoo isn’t art – but this one is at the Beano end of the art continuum) artist Stuart Haygarth http://www.stuarthaygarth.com/default.asp?V_DOC_ID=1177 uses old spectacle frames to make wonderful sculptural chandeliers.

Even more spectacular is his use of 4500 used prescription lenses:

With recycling being one of the buzzwords of the 21st century finding second uses for items that would otherwise be thrown away seems eminently logical to me. The wearing of vintage and second-use clothing and spectacles puts us not just at the forefront of fashion but also at the leading edge of sustainable living.
Wear your vintage frames with pride!

I’m off to the workshop as I’ve just had a great idea for a duvet made from used spectacle cleaning cloths, can anyone thread a needle?

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  1. Sir

    As a man of a certain age I am prone to a fading memory and often misplace objects.
    To have a similar tattoo to the young gentleman featured in your latest correspondence I would never again be caught without my spectacles.

    However, my dilemma is whether, in permanently wearing my spectacles, which currently serve me only when motoring, there would be any long term damage to my almost perfect near vision, a pre-requisite for the detailed ledger work of my current employ.

    I also wonder whether a tattoo could be used to save me from the embarrassment of losing other personal items, such as my hair? As one not currently blighted by alopecia I am merely thinking “ahead”.


    B. Hooper Esq.