Monday, 31 December 2012

Welcoming in 2013 with Mortimer

Happy New Year from Dead Men's Spex!

I hope you have all survived the Mayan prophecy, floods and sickness bugs and managed to enjoy your Christmas period with some feasting, festive cheer and lots of pressies.

Santa remembered us, but alas, he did manage to mix up one of Deadman's presents with one of Deadman junior's presents; surely it couldn't be that he had forgotten his glasses?? Not in this house!! It must've been the cumulative effect of all those glasses of  sherry. Despite this little mishap he managed to deliver a bumper crop of presents, most of them for Deadman junior, but I did get a lip plumping gel which looks fun, we are known in our family for thin lips, maybe miracles can occur; I just hope I don't land up like Eddie Murphy in The Nutty Professor!

Look at that pout.

We are also proud to welcome a new member of the gang; he is Mortimer our mascot and from now on he will be popping up every now and then.


Have a good time celebrating and thank you for your support of  Dead Men's Spex throughout 2012.

Happy New Year 
Claire xxx

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