Monday, 11 March 2013

Dreaming of glasses from Amsterdam...

Hi There
Brr! Well that was a chilly Mothers' Day but I was lucky enough to be showered with gifts and cards by Deadman junior, he is a generous and enthusiatic giver. We've had snow overnight and now it's white out; and I thought Spring was on its way. This week 7th to14th March is Norwich Fashion Week and my friend and I went to have a look at the vintage fashion fair in the cloisters at Norwich Cathedral. It is a very beautiful setting but open to the elements and I felt for the stall holders who had snowflakes drifting round them through the open columns, oh don't we just love our unpredictable weather?
Vintage fair in Norwich Cathedral cloisters
With such wintry conditions outside we have been planning our summer holiday, we have settled upon a trip to Amsterdam; the Brilmuseum (glasses museum for the linguists amongst us) was a decider for Deadman. The junior and I are looking forward to staying on a boat. We've got a while to wait, but it's nice to dream on! 

Brilmuseum, Amsterdam

Mrs Deadman


  1. I'm going to Amsterdam for my summer holiday too! Will add the Brilmuseum to my list!

  2. We'll keep an eye out for you............groan!