Monday, 4 January 2016

January 2016- Happy New Year from Dead Men's Spex

Hi there

Happy New Year! I hope 2015 was good for you. Dead man and I were looking back and the highlight of the year for Dead Men's Spex was definitely the "shoffice"- (a combination of a shop, shed and office!) which we had built in our back garden in the Spring. It is full of vintage spectacles and other optical curiosities. We held a successful open day in July and since then we have had a steady stream of customers. We've recently bought a vintage optician's sight test light box to add to our collection on display in the shoffice.

American 1940's optician's sight test box 

Looking forward into 2016 we have some dates for your diaries;

Definite bookings

Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th March 2016 MK Handmade and Vintage Weekend Extravaganza

To be arranged 

Dead Men's Spex open day. Likely to be May 2016

North Norfolk Railway September 2016

Look forward to seeing you in 2016 either,online, in our shoffice or at a show.

Mrs Deadman

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