Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas from Dead Men's Spex

So the big day is almost here. I hope you are all ready for the seasonal period of over indulgence that is upon us. That all your presents are wrapped, cards sent, turkeys stuffed and cocktail cabinets stocked :oD

Deadman Junior is bouncing off the wall with excitement waiting for the big man in Red to come down the chimney. Like families the world over we will be leaving Santa a mince pie, a glass of sherry and maybe a carrot for the reindeer. Unlike most other families we will also be leaving Santa a spare pair of spectacles just in case he breaks the pair he is always pictured in while negotiating a rather treacherous bend in our chimney. Deadman Junior thinks this is a very good idea and so does the Deadman, because, after little eyes are shut and sleeping I may just slip a business card on the plate next to the sherry on the off chance that our chimney’s not the only one with a wicked bend.

Merry Christmas



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