Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Bunny's Boxing Day Dip - or the day Bunny had his assets frozen!!

Bunny Hooper "The 1940's Accountant" gives a stoic salute before running into the sea for the traditional Boxing Day charity dip in Cromer, which this year was raising funds for The Matthew Project.

Enjoying a post dip pipe and hot chocolate.

Well done Bunny!!


  1. Yes, well done Bunny, it must have been bloody freezing! I take it you wasn't tempted?

  2. Of course the Deadman was tempted but someone had to stand on shore and shout encouragement and make sure no sand infiltrated the hot chocolate and mince pies!!

  3. The most annoying thing was that with all these people running in and out again I couldnt enjoy my daily swim. Next Boxing Day I am heading to the West beach to enjoy my swim and smoke in peace away from all the kerfuffle! BH