Thursday, 27 January 2011

And home again - Bunny returns to the warren!

In November I headed over to the NEC in Birmingham for a rendezvous with Deadman Senior at the Classic Car and Bike Show. Our interest was largely around the bikes and we barely touched the massive car exhibition area. As a former West Midlands automotive engineer, Deadman Senior was able to provide me with his in-depth and first-hand experience of why the British bike industry failed; in one word – “Accountants”. Charming! If you ever come across the Hell Riders’ Wall of Death at an event, go and see the show. It is amazing.

Brave motorcylists circumnavigate the waistband of Deadman Seniors trousers!

And that was why 2010 was a vintage year for me. The organisers, military re-enactors, stall holders and the public who attend these events week in and week out all have a common passion which they love talking about. Don’t be shy just get out there in 2011, enjoy the events and meet people both new and old who share a common interest. I know that I will.

I only ask that if you come across me alone on the Deadman's stall please bear with me. I am not the vintage spectacle expert. I am sure that Deadman will not be away long, so humour me with talk of tax rates and such like until his return. But don’t ask for a discount – the accountant wouldn’t like it!

Bunny Hooper
The 1940’s accountant

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