Sunday, 9 January 2011

The Travelling Accountant

2010 – A Vintage Year

I’m not one for New Year resolutions, but I do think that the turning of the year is a good time to reflect on the events of the previous twelve months and to think about plans for the year ahead. I made the effort to get out and about more in 2010 and here are my thoughts on some of the interesting vintage events that I made it to.

First trip out, I popped over to the east coast of Norfolk for Hemsby in April to help Deadman on the stall. Duties were light, mostly revolving around keeping Deadman in tea and holding interested customers in conversation until his return from the loo. Dressed in the usual 1940’s accountant style I must have looked like a dull 1950’s dad. However, everyone was welcoming and no one called me “pops”. Oh for James Nesbitt’s money and the opportunity to grow myself one of those fine quiffs. I enjoyed myself so much I went back for Hemsby 45 in October including the early morning car boot.

On Sunday Morning. Empty! Rockers up too late?

Hughenden Manor just outside the town of High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire is the former residence of Benjamin Disraeli, British Prime Minister during the late nineteenth century. I knew the Disraeli connection from my local schooling. The Victory at Hughenden 1940’s event in May told of the secret map making role performed on site during WW2 with RAF Bomber Command based close by. Not the biggest event of the year but some good re-enactor displays including the AFS, the Home Guard and a WW2 paratrooper drilling the kids. He scared the daylights out of them and I picked up some useful parenting tips.

Twinwoods over the August bank holiday weekend was the highlight of my vintage year; a great crossover show for fans of both the 1940s and 1950s on a genuinely interesting site. Two separate stages provided fine live music and dancing, including free lessons, from either era. I’m definitely heading back in 2011. Next time I will be suitably shod for a little rug cutting, just to prove that accountants can dance. Deadman’s stall had a fine position for the Arena Stage and provided some relief from the wind and rain.

to be continued..........

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