Monday, 19 November 2012

Holt; a great place for vintage shopping.

Hi There
Last week Deadman and I made a trip out to Holt, it’s quite close to us and a great place in Norfolk for vintage shopping. It has plenty of antique/vintage shops including Past Caring which specialises in antique textiles and clothing, and Old Town a tailor’s doing their own unique take on 1930/40s clothing.

We paid a visit to our friends at The Tonsorial Artist; a traditional barber’s shop with a leaning towards the styles and service of the 1950s. They now have a tattoo parlour on their premises with an artist specialising in Old School images.  Whilst there we got a couple of photo’s of Ewan the “shop boy”, I mean apprentice (we know he looks like a youthful captain Ahab with the beard!) He’s modelling a pair of our popular Arnold frames, the same as those worn by Bunny Hooper. They are a copy of the Tart Arnel frame as worn by Johnny Depp. The question is; who looks the best??! (We have to choose Bunny as he does our accounts!)

Make your choice....                                         1 Bunny Hooper

2 Ewan

3 Johnny Depp

Johnny certainly looks the most wistful!

TTFN Claire

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  1. Obviously image 1. Poor show on the proof reading mind. Ewan we all know, but it seems you have confused the labelling on images 1. and 3. If I am not mistaken, a still from What's Eating Gilbert Grape. Mind you, I don't remember Depp playing the lead...