Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Off with a Little Vintage Lover

This week I've been cracking the whip over Deadman to get him working preparing stock for our Deadmen’s Spex stall at Little Vintage Lover Fair this Sunday the 2nd December at Blakeney Village Hall. It is a small eclectic fair which moves around North Norfolk specialising in vintage and vintage reworked items including fashion and home wares from around the 1920s to the1980s. Everyone is very friendly and they often have fun music from the 1930's supplied by dj.78 AKA Dave Gutteridge who always dresses beautifully complete with glasses from Deadmen's Spex. They also do great cake, which tastes even better when Bunny buys me a slice. 

dj.78 catching up with the news

I will be bringing a varied selection of spectacles; for the ladies I have 1950’s cats’ eyes through to 1980’s Terri Brogan frames. For the men I have selection of reworked frames and the ever popular Shurons. In the unisex frames I have some classic favourites including NHS 524s ,1940’s round eyes and  Algha  gold half eye readers. I'm tempting providence rather with a tray of sunglasses, hoping that the rain has finally been pushed away. When the sun does show itself  in the winter it is incredibly dazzling and I find myself desperately groping for my sunnies whilst driving (at traffic lights of course!) There will also be accessories;  fabric glasses cases and spexlaces which are necklaces made from spectacle fronts.


A selection of our frames           



 A spexlace                                                                                                    

I'm also selling a few cigar boxes on the side, Deadman got rather excitable at an auction and we landed up with rather more than he had bargained for. They are very pretty and beautifully made so I hope they may tempt a few people to be creative and turn them into handbags or even guitars!.
Cigar boxes 

So I look forward to seeing some of you on Sunday

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