Thursday, 17 January 2013

Miss Frosty makes her debut.

Hi There
We are very excited here as we are now living in a Winter Wonderland, it was minus 12 in Norwich on Tuesday night! Deadman Junior had two days off school and we have been playing. We created a lovely new model, Miss Frosty, and introduced Mortimer to the joys of snow, he's not overly keen on it, more of a man about town than a rustic type.
Miss Frosty

 Mortimer out of his comfort zone

Despite the weather Deadmen's Spex is still functioning; the glazing machine is swaddled in a lovely selection of towels and sleeping bags to protect it from the frosts. I went to the post office in Fakenham to post out our orders, but not before I had enacted a Miranda style performance of climbing into my Matiz  via the boot (the only door that was not frozen shut.) Luckily for me no one passed by to witness this spectacle.

Deadman keeping up with business on his morning stroll.

Hope you haven't had too much disruption and that you manage to have a bit of fun in the snow.
Mrs Deadman

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