Friday, 8 February 2013

Valentine's Day for glasses lovers

Hi There
Despite more cold weather love is in the air and Valentine's day is on Thursday 14th February - of course. Being an incurable romantic I do like Valentine's day, in my youth I was a florist and it was my favourite busy time; full of excitement and promise. You never know, Deadman could surprise me!!?
American Optical heart shaped frames
The Deadman has recently sold a great frame just in time for Valentine's and being vintage they were a one off, but Deadman Junior and I have created our own version, made from faux racoons' tails. They are fully glazeable (with clingfilm) 
Mrs Deadman's heart shaped frames 
I also had a rifle through the Deadman's drawers (he is still recovering) and I found a very sexy frame ideal for those steamy nights in. They are from his collection and not for sale, sorry girls! This is not the first time these frames have been seen in public, Fleur de Guerre writer of Diary of a Vintage Girl has modelled them for us.
1950's black cocktail glasses 
 I hope you find your heart's desire, a look at our website could help, or in my case chocolate takes a lot of beating, (If you're listening Deadman.)

TTFN Mrs Deadman

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