Monday, 25 February 2013

Bunny hops round Norfolk

Hi There

How time flies; half term has passed with various trips and activities to occupy us and keep me from the blog!  On Valentine's day I surprised Deadman, not with the bat wing glasses, but with fish and chips for two at a local pub. He was happy, especially when he overheard other diners discussing his favourite programme; Bargain Hunt.

Last Sunday we joined Bunny in one of his two favourite Norfolk activities; visiting the beach. He left his favourite haunt of Cromer and ventured onto Wells beach. It was a beautifully mild day and the sea was faintly visible in the distance. Deadman junior walked with a small amount of fuss (an achievement).  
Al Bowlly
Bunny's other Norfolk pastime is pursuing vintage bargains either by ferreting in charity and antique shops or hanging round the sale rooms in Aylsham. He has a fine collection of vintage records and a Dansette turntable to play them on, one of his favourite musicians is Al Bowlly.

We have just watched the last in the series of BBC's "Ripper Street"; a drama following the police of Whitechapel in 1889. They really seem to capture the feeling and certainly get the glasses correct. Have you noticed it's the baddies who wear them? Is it like the American films where the badddies are always English? The dodgy psychiatrist Dr Karl Crabb had a good pair of gold round eyes. I didn't trust him from the start, he was far too involved with one patient.

My favourite character has to be Jackson the American surgeon with a spurious past (all the characters seem to have those). He is good at his job and a bit naughty too, just like Deadman.

Bunny and I do like a good bit of period angst and swap DVDs excitedly, we are fairly flexible on time periods; Victorian to mid twentieth century. Atonement was a big favourite of Bunny's but we suspect that Keira Knightly may have been the main draw. The Deadman however rolls his eyes at all this emotional turmoil; that is for girls, he prefers intrigue. 

TTFN Mrs Deadman

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