Friday, 24 September 2010

"Dead man through the looking Glass" a Norfolk pipe-dream

Some of you may have guessed that the plus four teaser could be no-one else but Bunny Hooper “The 1940’s Accountant”. On a weekend when the Deadman was abandoned on the stall by the rest of the clan (something about parties and lashings of ice-cream and jelly or so Deadman Junior assured me) the only backup was my Dad, Deadman senior or as he’s affectionately known “Deadman Walking”. Bunny was a welcome pair of extra hands.

Being our local event, Holt and Sheringham 1940’s Weekend is always a busy two days for us, marked as much by visits from old friends as the good business.

Bunny was in an unusually rumbustious mood probably brought on by his insistence on being called Lord Hooper Marquis of Repps and muttering on about losing the rest of the shooting party and the bloody beaters!

The only way to calm him was to entice him into the stall with a copy of Glimpse and the assurance that he could smoke a pipe full of Virginia shag (picture the caterpillar in Alice through the Looking Glass!). The legitimacy of this action in what should be classed as the work place was debatable but I think the conclusion ran something along the lines of “bugger the EU!!” temporary dwelling

The cue for spam sandwiches and black market petrol

With autumn knocking at the door Deadman’s thoughts turn to indoor shows where the elements no longer dictate. We are at Hemsby 45 on the 8-10th October, again another local show for us, just a short dash at the North Sea from base camp. There’s nothing quite like the British seaside out of season. All the holiday makers, day trippers, chalet owners and “kiss me quickers” will have departed leaving the bleak desolation of the Norfolk coastline (and about 1000 drunken rockers). Bliss!!




  1. Deadman

    It was of course a pleasure to catch up with yourself and your dear papa (Deadman Walking you say? More like Deadman Snoring) under canvas at Holt.

    In this day and age there are so few places that I can enjoy a bowl of Virginia shag unencumbered. If it is not the meddling nanny state bureaucrats who have introduced some nonsense legislation it is gangs of teenagers hurling abuse.

    Bugger the EU indeed! And bugger whichever government of ours brought national service to an end! Can these politicians get nothing right?

    Vintage events are one place where pipe smoking is tolerated. My tobacconist also suggested to me that a gentleman may stroll along certain parts of Holkham beach proudly displaying his pipe, without fear of arrest or insult.

    I know that Holkham is local to you and I wonder if you able to confirm if this is indeed the case?

    Finally, aside from Hemsby are you planning to be out and about amongst your public at any other events this side of Spring and the start of the 2011 season? Please let us know the details if you are.


  2. It is true that Holkham beach is a place of freedom, but, with the onset of Autumn better places can be found for stoking the old briar. May I recommend an evening in Cley at The Three Swallows, a fine hostelry, funnily enough, just along from the aptly named Cley Smoke House.

    We are in deed tarting ourselves around in November and December. Firstly at Little Vintage Lover Fairs 0n the 14th November in Burnham Market, then, The Northern Military expo at Newark showground on 5th December. See my website for all the details.