Saturday, 4 September 2010

Twinwoods - the day that the rains came down

Twinwoods has come and gone in a flurry of activity. It turned out to be a busy show, but not without a little time to enjoy ourselves. Deadman junior was safely seconded with the outlaws leaving myself and Mrs Deadman free to spread the gospel of vintage eyewear, dodge the rain and point at the natives.

It’s our third year trading at this show and we just love the atmosphere and the music. Highlights of this year's show were Kai’s Cats and Peter Donegan son of the late Lonnie Donegan and a star in his own right.It’s the first time he’s performed on the main stage at Twinwoods and in the Deadman’s opinion was the outstanding performance of the show. He also gave me the best overheard quote of the weekend:
One aging audience member to another " that Peter Donegan, he’s not his father!! "
I'm also reliably lead to believe his wife's not his mother and any kids he may have will not be his great aunt Hilda!

As for the great British obsession ….. the weather was mixed to say the least. Saturday and Sunday saw torrential showers that allowed us to trap people on the stall and threaten to throw them out into the deluge with unprotected “victory curls” unless they bought something!
Pre rain "victory curls"

The "threat" of rain

The rising waters also brought with them a visit from sheltering musician and Dead Men’s Spex wearer Pete Cook of the Sentinels of Rhythm, check out his blog for a candid and wry look at the life of a jobbing musician.
Pete Cook "sax god"

So the weekend was good and all was right with the universe. We’d had good music, trapped customers, visits from would be music gods, copious amounts of cheap Hotel Chocolat sold to raise money for the MacMillan trust . Then the weekend went from good to great with the arrival of “The 1940’s Accountant” bringer of coffee and general all round sartorial elegance!!

Bunny Hooper "The 1940's Accountant"

Our next show is in three weeks time at Holt in North Norfolk on the Poppy line, we’d love to trap you in our stall and force feed you chocolate so please come along and visit us. If you're lucky you might also just catch a glimpse of Bunny Hooper in his plus fours!



  1. Deadman

    The plus fours have been in reverse hibernation over the Summer.

    With Autumn upon us Holt may be a chance for their first airing of the season.

    That is, if the moths haven’t had them.


  2. ....or am I doing you a disservice not picking up your subtle pun linking the fundamentals of my profession (counting) to my choice of trouser (+4s)?

    Heaven forbid that you ever tire of providing us all with fine vintage spectacles, but if that day ever came, I see an opportunity for you in writing cyptic crosswords.


  3. Ha ha - yes you have to be on your toes with Deadman around.

  4. Crosswords? never had one in my life, just ask Mrs Deadman. Any way I have no time for such trivia when my life is filled with "Expanded Mess" ;OD


  5. Good news, Deadman. I checked the plus 4s and the moths have shown no interest over the summer.

    I should not be surprised. It has been some time since anything of mine was eaten for pleasure.

    But let us not dwell upon the humiliation of the last bring and buy sale and my unsold victoria sponge.

    Looking forward to the weekend and brighter days.