Sunday, 14 October 2012

Sausages for the vicar..

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Deadman Towers calling. We are currently enjoying some beautiful autumn sunshine here in Norfolk. I must go and cut the courgettes before the frost slays them. We have one beast of a plant which has taken over half of the bed and produced wholesale quantities of prize winning fruit. (Our neighbour’s son took some of them to his school harvest festival and won second prize.) Deadman junior’s school however, requested store cupboard goods only for a local food bank. I tried to sneak a can of sausages in lard presented to us by Deadman Sleeping (Granddad) into Deadman junior’s donations but I relented due to complaints about the humiliation of it all. I have plans for the can; the vicar requested further items for the food bank to be left at the rear of the church...

The offending article

On Saturday 6th October Pensthorpe Wetlands and Nature Reserve (where they used to film Springwatch) ran their first vintage fair. It is very local to us, so we went to have a recce to find out if it would be a suitable place for Dead Men’s Spex to have a stall. We met several of our neighbours and saw a wide range of vintage vehicles including tractors, motorbikes and a lovely little Morris Minor. There was also an impressive display of stationary engines. (I, in my ignorance, had never heard of these until I moved to Norfolk.) They are what it says, engines which do not move and are used to power tools and pumps etc. Deadman junior was highly impressed with these, many  were pumping water into a tub containing ducks, one was even rigged up to 1970’s brown toilet! Deadman junior and I went on the swing chairs ride and Deadman was our official photographer.

A stationary engine

Us on the 1950's swing chairs- they went fast, honest.

We enjoyed our visit but decided that vintage covers a wide range of subjects and in this case, the emphasis was on vehicles not period fashion, so we will not be having a stall there.

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