Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Home alone at halloween

Hi There

It has suddenly gone very quiet here at Deadman’s towers; Deadman junior has been whisked away by his grandparents to Bedfordshire leaving Deadman and me home alone. The grandparents have been here all weekend and my father is an enthusiastic whistler, so the silence is all the more marked!

On Saturday we attended the Fairyland Trust’s Real Halloween event. I was hoping to show off my tulle and coat hanger wings, but the weather was just too wet so they stayed in the loft.  Deadman junior and his Nan made potions (bath bomb and sleeping potion) whilst Deadman, Grandpa and I followed the fairy trail in the wood. Afterwards we enjoyed the lively and entertaining music of The Vagaband in the music tent

Families warming themselves at a brazier in a brief moment of sunshine. 

On Sunday we headed to Deadman Junior’s favourite place; The Sainsbury Centre at the UEA in Norwich. They do loads of interactive art and Deadman Junior and Nan spent hours creating miniature landscapes from assorted fabric and twigs. Meanwhile Grandpa, Deadman and I perused the exhibitions. We discovered Larkin and Mortimer looking cool in an exhibition by  photographer John Hedgecoe.

Philip Larkin
Poet and Librarian  


John Mortimer 
Playwrite, poet and novelist          

However, Dead Men's Spex model of the week went to the pumpkin in the café!!!

 TTFN  Mrs Deadman

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