Saturday, 26 January 2013

Monocles; a style statement.

Hello there,
Patrick Moore the much loved astronomer died in December 2012 aged 89. He was as famous for his monocle as he was for sharing his passionate enthusiasm about astronomy.

Evolving from the hand held quizzing lens, monocles became fashionable from the late 18th century, soon becoming a regular accessory of the Dandy.

Victorian monocles were usually made of rolled gold, often being fitted with a raised gallery on their back edge. The gallery aided in the wearing of the monocle by keeping it clear of lashes and supporting it between the brow and cheek, for more comfort. Wealthy customers had them tailor made so they fitted perfectly.

Unfortunately, monocles experienced a fall from grace due to their popularity with German military officials - a group most people wanted to distance themselves from after World War II.

Now after 70 years the monocle is seeing a renaissance. Luckily, at Dead Men's Spex we sell modern galleried monocles complete with cord and reading lens for £28.50 and original vintage Victorian rolled gold monocles as and when we can source them.

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